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9-1-2019 | It's all coming together...

I was up most the night adding content to my website's forums. I have really felt motivated to get things going. The uncertainties about what to put on my website can no longer be an excuse for my procrastination. I have already gotten in too deep; I no longer have a regular job and having to be creative and frugal to keep my sanity. The Universe has opened up opportunities to me and I am no longer afraid to take them. Staying firm in my faith, that listening to my Higher Self will guide me in the right direction. I have always taken chances on people in my life but I have never taken a chance like this on myself. It is scary and freeing, all at the same time.

Today is a day of relaxation and anticipation. My fiance has been gone for 10 days, she flew back to her home country to see family. It was extremely hard to be away from my Twin, the energy that was felt was undescribable. Knowing that she is coming home brings great relief and joy to my heart. The kids and I have been eagerly awaiting her and now the time is here! You never really know how someone impacts your life until they are gone. I am lucky that it was temporary. The life that we have created together, even within a short amount of time, has been filled with love and memories that we can all cherish for years to come.

My fiance coming back signifies many things, we are both closing out cycles and beginning new ones with each other. On a path to manifest and grow and make an impact... as little as it may be. Together we have planned our future and cannot wait to go on this crazy journey. Going into the unknown with three kids, it was hard to make peace with my decision. Many would say that I am overprotective oh, I just want the best for my children like other parents. But how would all these new transitions and experiences affect them? I went back and forth with myself many of nights but I've come to the conclusion. It is known that the only constant is change. Although the environment may change, I know my children will be safe and with people they know will protect and love them unconditionally, unapologetically. If my experiences during my childhood molded me into this awesome person that I am today, imagine what a seed surrounded by unconditional love can do!

I hope you all are having a great Labor day weekend. When you think of harvesting the fruits of your labor, either this weekend or the upcoming equinox; be aware of the quality of ingredients in your soil. Is your foundation rooted in growth or decay?

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Much Love


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