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9-12-2019 | Acceptance

Hey everyone, hope everyone has been doing well. With this Full Moon getting closer, ironically my energy is getting lower. It has been a very long I'm couple of weeks. My fiance came back from seeing family overseas and then we sold all of our belongings, bought an RV, packed up the family and left. It came as a shock to some people who know me, but this is not the first time I have mentioned about wanting to move. I have been wanting to move for quite a while now, I had been in Texas long enough. Not to say that anything is wrong with Texas, I am one 100% Texan and will rep it until I die! I actually liked my home state of Texas but my Vibe has changed over the years and I no longer resonate with where I was.

Like I said before, this has been a plan in motion; people just pick and choose to what they listen to and what they hear. I'm sure many of you can relate.

The whole situation really is bittersweet, moving somewhere where you do not know anybody or anything about the area. But if there was nothing for me or my family where we were, why stay? We were not happy. Due to recent events in our lives, I have seen my children be hurt and neglected. The only reason I stayed in the area so long was the hopes of having that strong family tie but again, it has been validated that that will not happen. I got tired of being the only one putting Energy in trying to make things work, so I stopped. Decided to flip that energy on myself and my family and concentrate on instilling good family ethics within my children. My fiance and I are creating a stable nurturing foundation for our family, something that we were not able to find in immediate family. Like I said before, it is very bittersweet but when the decision comes down to my family or the past, my family is always going to win. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders and we feel free to live the life we want. Not having to be around people who want to constantly put us down because we are living our dreams and not living theirs.

When you decide to live your life for you, unapologetically, the roaches come out of the woodwork. The people who you thought were most important to you, most supportive and really had your back ... turn out to be sheeps in wolf's clothing. The Universe will give you all the signs you need but if you reject them, it's your fault. That doesn't mean your life is going to be bad it just means you need to grow stronger within yourself. Once you find that strength you can continue living your purpose...unapologetically.

So from this day forward, anything that has happened in the past no longer matters. Especially these past 7 years, I have grown so much, seen so much. It could be easy for an individual to say that they regret the things that they have been through but I am not one of those people. I have been so enlightened into the environment that I have been surrounded by and why my energies have been so thrown off. I now have the confidence and the power to control my energy and push away the energy I do not want you. Life is amazing ...if you know how to live it.

How to live life is not something you're taught in school, it seems they teach you everything except what you really need in life. Maybe that's why it never resonated with me and the only thing I truly liked about school was band. Put that clarinet in my hand and you couldn't tell me shitt! 😂😂😂😂 One of my favorite memories was writing sheets music for The Lion King, all by ear. I was never really the best at reading music, I did better feeling it. So I hummed the tune in my head and translated it to paper.

Anyway, to truly live your life... you really need to connect to yourself to understand what it is your spirit wants with this human experience. I am a healer and teacher, although I'm not too sure about that "teacher" role, the Universe is. My life before understanding myself was horrible, but now it is the most beautifullest thing in the world. Yes,

I'm going to go ahead and try and finish up these September readings, even though they're late. Saturn is coming out of retrograde soon have you been doing your work? I really hope so, if not, the next 12 years are going to be real fun!

If you would like a personal reading please contact me at and until next time you guys.....

Much Love....


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