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A little late but...

It's been a day. Had to work this morning and are just now getting to my "routine". That being said, tonight, I pulled one card for reflection. I pulled the beautiful 7 of Wands.....

I felt playful seeing this card, the person is leaping from wand to wand. Seems challenging and looks as though there is a row of Wands for you as well! Who or what crossed your path today? Friend or Foe? In common tarot, the 7 of Wands can be a defensive card; could this be where this sititation is going? Dont let the vast waters of emotion overwhelm you. Each jump gets easier and more exciting. Think of your accomplishments today, big and small; another check on the list. Feels good right? My good feeling is making this post. It was a long but good day and tomorrow is going to be better. Count you blessing and pass some along. Stay warm and cuddly tonight. I work again in the morning so, see ya when I see ya!

Much Love...


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