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Always on the move...

It feels like I am always going, I have moments of quiet but they are a blur most of the time. Being a family of 5 and having one vehicle can get Nur and I work opposite shifts and Carl goes to a different school than his siblings since he is just in Pre-K. There is back and forth everyday. Life is hectic, awesome and blah all at the same time.

Since Carl has an appointment this morning, I decided to pull a quick card from the "Golden Thread Tarot" app. We have the Ace of Cups/R.

Immediately, I knew what this was about; we allowed our Cup to drip....without seeing where it was leaking. Now there is a slight feeling of "emptiness". I know what mine is, do you? I still continue to do for others and not myself. The few minutes I do get for myself, I spend it doing and preparing the house for when everyone gets home; comoensating for people at work. Being a innate nurturer can be very depleting because we forget to take care of ourselves.

Where have you let your Cup leak? The tiniest of holes can have the biggest effects.

To combat this energy, I'm gonna be a tad lazy today. Until I go to work, Imma do things for me. And from now on, I'm going to take a smidgen of the time I spend on others, towards myself. Not a vast change but something to stop that leak.

It's amazing to sit here and contemplate how complex everything is. What it is that needs to be done to keep you happy, the people around you happy, your environment, everything in high vibration... it can be overwhelming. The cool part of it is, once you are aware of what needs to happen, it tends to start being second nature. Then once you start getting in that motion and look back, you really see how amazing humans are.

Much Love...


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