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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

When people hear "The Devil", they get scared, honestly...with good reason. It is not exactly what is portrayed but it can be very restrictive and limiting, Daddy Saturn do not play!!!

If you have looked up "Angel Numbers" those are Devil numbers too...LoL Devil energy is connected to Capricorn. Hard work that is put into the physical reality. Without balance and moderation and will power, one self propels into the abyss. By your damn self!

111 - You think everything is just gonna fall into your lap!!

222 - You rely on your connections to do the work for you!!

333 - You really think that everyone is where they are because of YOU!!

444 - You trying to use someone else's bricks to build your own house!! GTFOH!

555 - You thought still where you are!!!

666 - If you do not sit yo self righteous self loving ass down!!!

777 - You are doing way to much with way little result, why?

888 - You overvalue EVERYTHING around you, except you!!

999 - You really just scared to do any and every thing. Talk to someone, SERIOUSLY!!

I hope that these energies resonate. Currently working on the other numbers and will updated soon!!! Please leave a comment below! Asé


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