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#COTD | 10-1-2019

*5 of Staffs & 6 of Cups*

You have reached a point where it is not even worth it anymore, the fighting seems monotonous and isn't resulting in anything positive. These people, places and things no longer suit your vibration. What has changed from the past? Things were different then, a lot more smoother. Now it seems that nothing can go right. The answer to that is simple, you are changing. You have reached a point in your life where you see that the current people, places and things are not fulfilling you. It can be hard to walk away from the past but that is exactly what you are doing. This is not some random decision and it has taken some time to get here.

As you walk this new path, you will reflect on who you were and how you got to be the person you are today. They will be fun memories, but for today, we are going to live in the now!

If you haven't already, check out the October monthly and weekly readings! They're up on YouTube right now:

*October 2019*:

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Much Love...


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