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#COTD | 10-15-2019

*7 of Pentacles & Ace of Swords *

There is an impatient within yourself that is not helpi g your progress. A watched pot never boils and stabbing that tree isnt gonna make abundance come sooner. With the 7 of Pentacles, you are looking and waiting for tangible results but that is not going to happen. The abundance will come in mental form with the Ace of Swords. So while you are waiting for physical results, spirit is waiting for you to get a clue. Your success is inside you, your real truth. Your value is not measure in material things but how you perceive your reality. The Ace of Swords clarified by The Magician, spirit is showing you what the secret is....YOU!

The pile of blood under the tree shows how you doubt yourself and the Universe, coming back looking for a different result but yet you continue to do the same thing. Stuck under the illusion at things have to be a certain way, don't hide from the Dark. To get on the other side of this, you need to fight for yourself. Allowing negative thoughts to continue is not doing you any service. Let go, your being dragged.

Much Love...


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