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#COTD | 10-16-2019

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

*9 of Pentacles & 7 of Pentacles/R *

Since yesterday, there has been a shift in the mental. Since that pot didnt even get to a simmer yet, we see adding our own fire is the only way. So, the end goal is already there as the 9 of Pentacles, successful, affluent, abundant. The 7 of Pentacles/R is wondering how are we gonna elevate to this 9 of Pentacles? There could be 7 different ways that could take 7 days, weeks or months, depends on you. With all this pentacle energy, it is a choice to be made with clear intentions and choices.

The imagery in the cards are suggesting that it is be a good idea to pick the brain of someone you look up to or put in more research and study for your dream. Something will call out to you and when it does....*boom* it's on!

As you continue, you will take guidance, both internal and external, to reach your finish line(one of them for now) and look back not understanding what took so long. But we know, all in divine timing. It is not important why it took so long but the fact that you made it.

Much Love...


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