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#COTD | 10-21-2019

*Knight of Wands & Knight of Cups*

This morning I asked the Universe what energies the collective needs to work towards. Knights come with a message and together they are telling us to not only moved towards happiness but to see it. The Knight of Wands is very fast-moving and can be impulsive, this is not always a bad thing but it can cause you to miss something. The Knight of Cups is totally focused on the cup in front of him, movement....not so much.

These two energies are combating each other separately and are not seeing the beauty of coming together. If your passion and emotion are not working in tandem; it can be time to slow down and think of how to bring these similar energies together. If you feel stuck in a rut emotionally, it is time to start moving. Move away from things that you feel are not working with you and pay attention to the things that are. Do not let impulsive thoughts control you or bring you out of yourself. All these parts of us can coexist it's just about finding the balance.

There is a thought or lack of vision that is blocking you from progressing. This could be due to past emotional failures and not recognizing how they are affecting your present and future. I have heard several times lately, "rejection is protection". Release people, places and things that are not raising you up. Your Victory will come with a mindset of love, especially towards yourself. Do not let others negative thoughts about you change the way you think about yourself or to yourself. You know there is something special inside, if they cannot see it, that is their loss.

Stay strong, appreciate your blessings and do not be so hard on yourself.

Much Love...


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