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#COTD | 10-3-2019

*9 0f Pentacles/R & King of Swords*

Cannot say I'm surprised by these are cards but I do not like them. Here we are as the 9 of Pentacles/R, someone not quite reaching their potential for some reason. Upright, this person is independent and self reliant. It seems to be this King of Swords, this can represent an energy or a person.

As an energy, the King of Swords can be a harsh judgement of yourself. Even though you are successful, the standard continues to rise and you feel as though you never finish. If this resonates with you, it is time to relax and look at things from a different angle. Get together with friends and family, let them in on how you feel; you will see how others see your success in a completely different perspective to you. You are a bad mama-jama! Continued success is already yours, just give it time to unroll.

As a person, this King of Swords, as we have seen in other #COTD, does not like how you are growing. Sign and gender do not matter, this person may be an authority figure, older than you, or just someone who thinks they are smarter and faster than the next person. Coming off with a cold intention, they could be taking from you for the benefit of another or could be the cause or reason for some obstacles. Be aware that this energy is very cunning and just because it is in the upright does not matter. This individual is putting up a great facade to get what they want.

I chose to clarify the King of Swords; I'll making a post expanding on it in my forum. Here is the link.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Visit me at to connect on a deeper level. This energy has a very heavy presence and needs to be addressed. Great day for a lavender salt bath or lighting a candle for self protection and love.

Much Love...


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