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#COTD | 10-4-2019

*8 of Wands & Judgment*

This Friday brings a lot of Fire energy! Whether these are things you have going on; messages coming your way or new ideas; with the Judgement card, we know we deserve this! With the 8 of Wands, we have organized our lives or career, have waited for things to come to fruition and are now ready to harvest. The Sith the woman has is jagged and ready to slice through any obstacles in the way. The crow brings her love and support from the Other Side. This journey has come with both up and downs but looking back, you get why things have happened this way. The late nights up worrying about what to do next, are you doing the right thing; you see how it was just your Shadow trying to keep you down. Instead of putting it aside, Love has calmed it, showing the blessing at hand.

The overall energy for today is the Magician. This could not be a better start to the weekend! There's going to be a lot going on; hope you're ready to catch all these blessings. This may be a complete surprise to some of you, where did all this come from? Keep doing your work and moving forward, the blessings are not over.

What a nice change from yesterday's #COTD. Now that energy has been acknowledged, it can be let go back into the Universe. The threat has been neutralized and we bring our focus back onto our path. Here's to a great weekend!

Much Love...


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