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#COTD | 10-7-2019

*3 of Swords & The Hanged Man*

Happy Monday everyone! Today we seem to be at a crossroads concerning pain from the past. Remember that King of Swords from last week? Over the weekend, realizations happened, it came to light how we are allowing our pain to stop us from growing. The Three of Swords next to the Hanged Man, tells me that the pain has seeped in and acceptance has happened. We do not have to accept what caused the pain but we accept the lesson from it. The Hanged Man is clarified by The Chariot, one major Arcana following the other, this is a big deal. No longer stuck at the crossroads, you are about to turn towards your destiny and never look back.

Whatever the King of Swords energy was for you, a person or a thought, you are no longer trying to hide from it. Now that the fear is no longer there, the power has been taken back. The negative Sword energy has been replaced with the Queen of Wands! This is an energy of compassion, motivation, and love! The Queen of Wands understands to love others she has to love herself.

This past weekend was kind of rough, but we see how it polished us into a brilliant shine! I cannot wait to see what the rest of this week and month has to bring. Stay motivated.

Much Love...


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