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#COTD 7/30/2019

#COTD - Ace of Pentacles

The dragon in this picture is holding a pentacle that is upside down; this tells me that there are some individuals who may be going into a situation for purely material reasons. There is nothing wrong with this, and you need to believe it. There's a common misconception that when being a spiritual person you must live without, that is so far from the truth. Everyone in the Universe has the opportunity to create a reality where they live in their deserved abundance. If you look around you, EVERYONE you see has the right to be abundant, judgements do not matter. It can be hard to accept but our own judgments against ourselves can block blessings from ever coming through. If we continue to believe that we are not deserving to receive, the Universe will agree with you and keep abundance away. The Universe wants to give you everything you ever wanted, and if you don't want abundance... It's going to respect you and not give it to you.

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