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#COTD 8/11/2019

*The Magician* & *9 of Wands(Staffs) R*

Wow, that was a big shift! Yesterday we had the 9 of Wands, today we have the Magician and the 9 of Wands reversed. There seems to be some sort of realization, an understanding; we do create our reality. The magician is somebody who knows they have the power within themselves to create anything of their desire. When answers are need to be found, the Magician goes within himself because he understands all the answers are there. We are not separate from the Universe, we are the Universe. Now that we have had this self-realization, what are you going to do with it? Do not let anyone take your power, no matter what anybody thinks about us;we all deserve love and the abundances that make us happy.

Does energy resonate with you? What happened to cause such a swift change?

Much Love...


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