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#COTD 8/21/2019

*The Magician/R & 10 of Swords/R* happened? Yesterday we were all gung-ho, ready to push through our doubt and exhaustion with the King of Wands. Yes, it is Wednesday, that does not mean you have time to be a bump on a log! The Magician/R is telling me that you are doubting yourself, again!! The 10 of Swords/R, too concerned with the thought of others! What people think of you is irrelevant and none of your business. There will be no change if you do not embrace it; change is the only constant. The Universe does not want you to be a cookie cutter of anything. Yes, there are plenty of people in the same arena as you but you have to believe that you provide that twist. NO ONE CAN DO YOU; that is why spirit are providing you with all these signs!

If you continue to doubt yourself and give your power away to negative people, places and things; you are not going to succeed. We all come to a place where we are fed up with the way our life is; the Universe is forever supporting you. Distance yourself for people who make you doubt yourself, does not matter to who they are to you. It is your life.

If you are having trouble, reach out to me.

Much Love...


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