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#COTD 8/3/2019

9 of Cups and Ace of Wands Reversed

There are two interpretations I get from these cards today. The 9 of Cups is about wish fulfillment; the Ace of Wands Reversed is about an idea or passion not getting off the ground.

1. The individual holding the genie lamp has everything they need for wish fulfillment, they can't even believe that such an opportunity has been afforded to them. It's almost as if their path has been laid out for them. The Ace of Wands reversed here represents another individual who may have their hands full or be preoccupied in some sort of fashion. They aspire to do things, but with this card in reverse...things are halted. If you can't do it yourself, why not get someone else to do it for you? This could be the thought process of someone and your environment. If you are in a situation where you feel that you need to do things to make another individual happy, that is not true. The Universe is giving the sign and validation of your situation. Trust and listen to your Higher Self for guidance through this solution.

2. With the opposite energy, some may feel that they are tied down, trapped, and unable to live the life that they want. They view their friends and family with a bit of jealousy as they get to enjoy life and go do things. This individual may spend a lot of time in this energy. In a work situation, this reads as wanting to apply for that promotion but not believing one fits the position. These are both very limiting mindsets and we'll anchor one's reality in a dark place. Appreciate who you are and where you are and new opportunities will open up to you. You are infinite Being with infinite possibilities, do not doubt yourself.

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Much Love...


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