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#COTD 8/30/2019

*The World & 8 of Swords*

Things are going pretty good right now but it seems that you keep dipping your toes back into negative thinking, this also could be hesitation and choices are already made. The time is now, there is no reason to fear your dreams. The signs have been there, validation has been made. When you were living for other people, there was always a void in your heart. You are living for yourself now, it may be a unfamiliar feeling but that doesn't mean it's bad. The hard work was really done and the rewards are really coming, hell they are already here! Push yourself past that point and wholeheartedly believe.

We really are our own worst enemy. Surround yourself with love and follow through with the decisions you have already long thought about. This is not some spur of the moment irrational thinking. It has been a minute since this has been a goal. Recognize the blessings and respect the journey. You earned this.

Much Love,


If these energies resonated with you please like and leave a comment below. Why do you think the negative thoughts keep coming? Do you truly not believe in yourself or is it a test to see how bad you truly want it?

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