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#COTD 8/4/2019

#COTD - 3 of Wands, The Magician Reversed This pair together speaks about being right on the edge of a discovery, the answer is right there but so far away. The Universe is cheering you on but there may be something missing. Have you checked all you T's and I's? The formula is nearly perfect but you still need to be open. Ask the Universe to send you clear signs and remain open to receiving them. Those "a-ha!" moments come unexpectedly and in many different forms. If you miss it, you have infinite opportunity to catch the next. If this message resonated with you, please like and share this post and my page. We are never truly alone, although we feel it deeply. Visit my YouTube for general readings and other insights. Hope y'all enjoy this Blessed day! Email me for readings at: Social media:

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