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#COTD 8/7/2019

Page of Wands - Four of Pentacles

The page of Wands is always a nice card to see, speaks about movement with jovial aspirations. Having child-like wonderment as you choose your path. When next to the Four of Pentacles, a card about insecurities and untruths, it kind of puts a different spin on it.

Notice the faces on each individual. The Page seems quite content while the other two seem worried about something. Are you moving on to bigger better things and there are people who are jealous? Are you getting better and better in your field and people are worried that you may surpass them? Good! That's just the Universe confirming to you that you are doing what you were supposed to do!! The Page is also on stilts, bringing him slightly above the Four of Pentacles; and with his back turned, he is vibing too high to even notice the negativity behind him.

When we have people around us who are not supportive and continually try to bring us down, the only thing we can do is smile and walk away. We do not allow those people's Energies to penetrate us, we have a goal and nobody's negativity is going to stop that. Keep doing what you're doing, you're fucking awesome! When you see somebody acting like the Four of Pentacles, just give them a... "Bless your heart!"

Much Love...


If this message resonated with you please like comment and share. Is this an energy that you're in right now? How does it feel?

Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. And never forget... Love your Shadow!

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