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#COTD 9-16-2019

*The High Priestess & 4 of Cups*

Anytime the High Priestess comes out, it is a great sign! We are tuned in and actively working with our Higher Self. Alone, the 4 of Cups can represent being ungrateful, not appreciating what is in one's life. Putting these 2 cards together, awwww maan! We have finally listened to and heard our Higher Self. Letting go was difficult but it wasn't the end of the world; on the contrary, a new one has opened up. That's not to say we woke up to a new world, just a higher perception of it. People, places and things that once bothered and irritated you, judgmental thoughts racing, lack of self love; have taken a back seat to love and appreciation, no matter the environment.

If this doesn't resonate with you, this could mean that your Higher Self is still waiting on you to do away with unnecessary people, places and things. Honestly, the grass is greener on the other side. It is time to take a leap of fate. If you do not see what you need to remove from your life, ask for clarity from your Ancestors. In my experience, it tends to be the people, places and things that we feel will always be there; our comfort zone. Check out my video on how I learned that letting go sets you free. If you aren't ready and know you need to let things go; understand you are ready.

Time is an illusion so nothing is being wasted except your potential. Connect with me at, first 5 founding members of the community will receive free services. Just pop over and subscribe with your email. The Universe provides abundance in many ways, it is up to us to be open to receiving. Hope y'all are having a great start to your day.

Much Love...


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