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#COTD | 9-19-2019

*Strength & King of Wands*

Not a bad combo for this Thursday. Looks like you are being noticed, either by influential individuals that can helps you expand or followers who are drawn by your Light. The King of Wands tells other how your strength is new and refreshing, not rigid and outdated. The way in which you do things is unique and drawing attention.

Yes, this King can also be haters, coming off their high horse to understand how you are evolving. The confidence and self reliance you have shown may soften them to possiblity see the errors in their ways. Or like haters do, the energy is only temporary until they can find a new weak spot. Be aware and be strong and keeping smiling.

These energies were present in my *Saturn Direct* video, if you haven't, check it out. The best way to deal with jealous people is to understand where they are coming from, a low place. Strength tells us to be firm and follow through. Do not falter due to others and always raise yourself up.

Much Love...


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