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#COTD | 9-20-2019

*5 of Swords/R & Knight of Wands*

With the weekend approaching, our energy level rises; wondering what it has to bring. Mulled over which direction to go; which ideas are successful versus misleading, which is our Truth and what is not. Take the literal steps towards a goal, no matter how big or small; check it off the list. The fog has lifted, confusion is not hindering you now.

For some, this could mean one is at the point of no return. Tired of carrying the mental and physical burden of low vibrations and closer to detoxifying your life. New ideas and thoughts have taken over, your own! Your True Self is starting to penetrate the veil, altering reality. Are you ready to release your Shadow and love it? What is not of your Highest well being will be illuminated, how easy are you going to let go?

Today we allow ourselves to take that next step, not just think about it. No more excuses, no more denial.

Much Love...


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