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#COTD | 9-23-2019

*10 of Pentacles/R & 5 of Pentacles*

This week is starting off with strong energy connected to the physical/material realm. The foundation of the past no longer serves us; being forced to create and sustain new foundations, on our own ideas and dreams. The transition is eye opening; for some, the past was abundant is all things the heart could want, leaving this environment can or will be very challenging. Uncertainty of how things are going to progress, don't let this hold you back. Build stability with what you have learned and take risk with the rest. Never will you walk alone, the Ancestors and Spirit is always there.

For the rest, this is a blessing of freedom. A chance to transmute negative memories towards a positive foundation; determined to use the past as a stepping stone and not a crutch. Continue to use the energy of the past to fuel the now!

Are you walking away from your comfort zone? Or are you now stepping into it? This energy is for the long haul, letting the foundation and success build over time. Notice the dog and Sphinx, both looking at the pentacle; you have had "it" all along.

Much Love...


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