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#COTD | 9-26-2019

*The Hermit & 7 of Swords*

The look on the individual's faces as it all! This person really thinks because are going through something, they can take advantage. You are busy putting energy into whatever passion ignites your heart and they can't resist themselves. Taking your ideas, undoing work that you have already completed. Who is this person!?!

I pulled more clarifies for this one. This could be about the fact that some messed up and may be regretful, the other is using the victim energy from their benefit. It may be warranted though. If these energies resonate, hit me up this is heavy. Others may be trying to change their image but the past follows them. Same heaviness in the energy. Today may be a good day to take a break and think if the energy your are feeling really is yours. You are not your past and yes, it can hinder but it does not have to stop you. Deep Shadow energy here, I am sending Love to all involved.

Much love...


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