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#COTD  | 9-27-2019

* 10 of Pentacles/R & The World/R*

There are some flaws that are making themselves known. This could deal with a job, relationships of all kinds or household. Overtime, the stress and imperfections of life can be seen, the questions is, what are you going to do about it. Some have ignored the red flags, others are becoming apparent. With 2 tens, could this be the beginning of the end or time to adjust. Pentacles are physical, slow energy, things within our material, maybe this is why you think things are worse than what they are. Take a break and rest, connect with the emotional side of you. Happiness takes work but one does not need to work themself into the ground.

If you feel that despite all the work, things still are up to par; talk with family and friends, ask what they perceive and get a different perspective. You'll see its not that and and many would gladly take your place.

Much Love...


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