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#COTW | 10-12/13-2019

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

*The Tower/R & The World/R*

Well, I'm sorry to say but what you're doing is not working. There is a lot of attachment to the end goal but there is a disconnect on how to get there. You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. With two major Arcana cards, this is telling you to really look at what you're doing.

There could be some confusion of where to go, if this is business-related, either you or a colleague is not fully giving to the project. It could be that this new partnership or collaboration is not going the way that you thought, a lot different from your last position. That does not mean that this cannot work, are you doing too much? Not allowing the other partners to have input because you feel that your idea is best? That is not the way to go. This could be how they feel about you, not putting in but waiting to take all the glory.

If this is relationship-based, what happened in the past is the past. There was some reason that it did not work out and it is time to come to terms with it. It is not fair to be in a relationship with somebody when you are not 100% there. We have all been hurt before, it can be hard to move on but it is necessary. Denying the pain only makes it grow and your person is feeling this. They are trying everything they can to bring you into the present but they are feeling unsuccessful and do not know where to go from here. Represented here as the Queen of Cups(male or female), they have a lot of emotions for you. If you are not going to reciprocate, let them go; if you truly care about them, you need to show it. There is a high possibility due to past hurt that you are creating these blockages yourself, its time to reflect.

If you are interested in a personal reading, reach out to me at, together we can identify the problem and find solutions that are for your highest well-being. Do be careful with the energies of the full moon in Aries tomorrow, Aries is all about the Self. So if these partnerships or relationships are important to you, it is time to look at your behavior and how it is affecting the situations and if it is in your best interest to continue.

Much Love...



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