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#COTW | 10-5/6-2019

*The Fool/R & Ace of Cups*

The Universe has a very clear message for you this weekend, chill! Now is not the time to start up new ventures or relationships; further clarified by the Judgement card, this is the right thing to do!

If you are anything like me, today, you have been feeling super lazy; here are a million things that I can think to do but...sigh. The Judgement card, for clarification, just validates that I have done my will and now it is time to let the Universe do its job. At the bottom of the deck we have the Ace of Wands/R, STOP!!! Concerning this situation, there is nothing more to do. There are no more loopholes or ideas that you have not thought of. In fact, your list is pretty full. This weekend is a good time to catch up with yourself and all the work you have done.

If you feel like you have missed the mark, that's just the lull before the realization. Pamper yourself this weekend and do not have any expectations. Especially with a veil thinning, our vibrations are changing, it can get uncomfortable.

Homework for this weekend? Nothing! If it doesn't have to deal with you and the way that you feel, fuck it! Take that bubble bath, drink that cucumber water, lower your consumption of junk food. October(Samhain) is the Witch's New Year and there are new cycles beginning. Prepare yourself for this vibrational change or it is going to be a rough ride. If you would like personal insight on what changes are going on for you, hit me up at

Much Love...


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