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#COTW | 9-14/15-2019

*Ace of Wands/R & 4 of Wands*

This weekend has some of us feeling as thou our dreams are not happening as fast as we think they should. To further clarify, the 7 of Pentacles/R came out, an Energy of impatience, growing tired of waiting for results. Well...too bad. When Energies like this come up, remember your part. Have you really been pushing the right energy to manifest what you want? Or have you been thinking that what you did will get you all the way through?😂😂😂 No, you have to keep pushing! A garden will not grow on rain water alone, nor will you or your manifestations.

There are others who are releasing ties from their foundation; albeit it starting your own buisness or learning to find your own stability outside of the family foundation. We are seeing how we have outgrown the fundamentals of th e foundation that has been giving to us. Not in a spiteful manner but understanding. All living things need room to grow and experience life. Now that the cocoon is open, where will you spread your wings? Possibilities are endless, take your pick. That old foundation may or may not be there when things get hard, forcing us to find what works for us alone, not everyone else. That is true happiness and one helluva foundation.

Which side of the Energy are you feeling? The common denominator is you, what are your desires and how bad do you want your dreams to become a reality?

Much Love...


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