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#COTW | 9-28/29-2019

*10 of Pentacles/R & Knight of Swords/R*

Guys....what a start to the weekend, not surprised with the past #COTD!!! All I'm hearing is "Get your shit together!!!"

These may be someone who has caused the downfall of a family or company. This person came in smiling and lying. Whoever this are an ass!!!! Feeling this energy is so crazy, this person does not give a fuck!!!! Laughing as they walk away with the house burning down in the background. Maaaaan!

Others, if you know this person, you need to get away from them! They do have any your best intentions at heart. It does not matter who this person is, they are TRASH! Think you wont survive without them? You are surviving right now, not living. Open your eye! (singular on purpose!!!)

If a new boss has been hired at your company and you love your job. Better walk a straight line, this new boss is looking for any and everything to criticize!

I am gonna end this here so this energy can pass! Anyone who this resonates, contact me so we can go into depth with this. What is causing you to cause pain or why are you taking this abuse? Both sides need compassion and self love. 😔

Much Love....


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