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Full Moon all up in Cancer!

Whoa, how was everyone's day? Mine turned out to be great, busy...but great. Got a lot of things checked off my list and didnt have to close at work today!😁 The Full Moon in Cancer was this afternoon, I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda worried. Maybe that's me being an ass, love me some Cancers, was hit or miss, right?

I pulled one card for tonight and we are going to look at it from; what to embrace, let go and advice for this full moon.

Coming with the "20", the Judgement card. This is just realness to me, in all three aspects. Embrace, Let Go and Advice:

There has been endings to many cycles lately. Lots of energy and transformation has happened over the last year. With that comes loss of people, places and things that we have become accustomed too. Opening our eyes to see what and how, certain individuals or our enviroment affected us.

Making the decision of Self and moving towards a better now and future, should not come with guilt and/or regret. All things happen for a reason. Moving on has caused doors to open to places never seen before. New possibilities and risk; progression.

Moving forward you are better equipped with knowledge to discern where to go from here. No more repeating the past as you juke around those red flags.

Cancer is the Moon card in the Tarot, represents the Mother, illusion, and secrets; just to name a few. I hope you are guided to look up more about the sign of Cancer and how it connects with your natal chart. Understanding the energy can make it easier to flow with. You've done what is best

Good night, sleep tight...and Much Love...


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