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Give and Take...

Grand Rising everyone! I hope you are doing well. I was more than motivated for this Monday because winter break is over from school for the kids. Little did I know, they go to school tomorrow! I laughed my ass off when I realize there was no school. The bus didn't come and when I pulled up to the school there were no lights. Lol!

This morning I pulled the cards in the format of what to embrace and what to let go...

We have the 6 of Wands/R and the 6 of Swords/R. In the terms of what to embrace, the 6 Wands/R is saying to acknowledge and appreciate how far you have come although you do not feel you have reached your victory. This could also mean that you have done all that you can concerning a situation. What to let go of, the 6 of Swords/R, it is time to release thoughts and feelings about having to leave someone or something in the past. There has been recent growth and sometimes that can come with guilt. It can be difficult to continue on your path knowing you have to watch out for yourself but it is what it is. The number 6, to me, is about victory, being reversed, there is some negativity about. Could be you, afraid of being successful or believing you can do the work or others around you are jealous or spiteful. It is up to you to know where you are.

Collectively these cards say to think about where you are right now, and how your actions and thoughts have gotten you here. We cannot take action for others, only lead by example. These are not negative energies, they scream acceptance and release.

Spirit will urge and send us continuous messages until we realize our true path. This does mean that some people, places or things may get hurt or left behind on the way, but it is for a reason on both sides. Nothing is forever, that mindset is very limiting. Something was limiting you and the time came for change. The Wheel of Fortune at the bottom of the deck confirms this. If you have feelings of guilt, it's not because you did something wrong, it's because the person or energy that was left behind did not want to rise with you.

Much Love...


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