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Happy Full Moon?🤔

Hey everyone, I hope you all have been well. Things have been so unique for me lately that I completely forgot about the full moon in Taurus. After straining my back a few days ago, I have been distracted not only with aches and pains but there have been a lot of contemplations going through my head. I haven't felt like doing much of anything and have been doing a lot of nothing.

When pulling cards this morning, my intent was for the collective but they always seem super personal most the time. We have the Devil/R, Knight of Swords and the Wheel of Fortune; great cards. Looking at the photo, it seems the Knight of Swords is holding the Devil at bay. With the Wheel of Fortune so close, the Knight knows that these limitations are the only thing keeping him/her away from their true happiness. Before advancing, he/she must slay the Devil and finally conquer the shadows that hold them back.

There has been a change within you, it could be subtle or it could be very elaborate. Personally, externally I seem very docile and steady but on the inside there have been many changes. I have notice where I have fed into negative cycling. I really do not have time for it anymore and neither do you. Walking away from what no longer serves you and accepting that the future is coming. Releasing your standards of what you feel should be and accepting what they are, not everybody has the same standards as you. Feeling that you are an awesome mother fucker just like everyone around you sees you, because you are. This self-love journey is beautiful and ugly at the same time but seeing the beauty in all the ugly moments, makes it all beautiful. LOL what a sentence!

Have a great day and keep transforming, put that Devil in it's place.

Much Love...


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