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🐣Happy Spring Break!🐣

My tarot cards are warming up with this temps! The Energy that is in the air is infectious! And I ain't talking bout that Matrix bullshit!

Today, the cards want us to embrace the Wheel of Fortune/R, changes are here or on their way, how they affect you will depend on you...well you. Does change bring up feelings of fear in you? If so, remember to ground, it is the single best practice for anyone to do. Changes can brings losses but many gains. If there are people, places and things that need to be removed from your life, you owe it to yourself to know the strength to understand and proceed is within you. The Universe has provided more than enough confirmation and now physical energy is needed on your part.

Letting go can seem harder but not impossible. The 7 of Pentacles tells you to let go of waiting. Spending too much time waiting for things to go back the way they were. Stabbing that the tree you thought were your "true" roots; hoping to get that same feeling of comfort. It is not there. Something to hold on too is waiting. Leave that tree to rest in peace. Time to nurture the saplings in your actual garden. Go where the soil is fertile, go to where you are being called.

Much Love...


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