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It's in the Air.....

Spring Equinox is almost here! Got me and my fam some flowers and collected some rainwater. My oldest have started altars and this Momma is so proud! The kids are out of school, so we will be planting some veggies and some flowers. What kind of activities get you ready for Spring? It's a great time to deep clean the house. Get rid of old clothes and items that no longer serve us. What supported us through the Winter is not need in Spring. Take a cleansing saltwater bath, buy a new outfit that makes you feel Aries hott🔥🔥😉, start growing your business or come up with new innovative ideas for your current business, repaint the house, change your nail Get your Aries on!!!!! If you do not vibe with this time of year, do things to stay grounded. This fiery energy can put some people in a slump. Cleansing is important as we pick up energies from people, places and things around us. Meditating with Mala beads are amazing and calming. Gardening is always a great option or just sitting in the grass, absorbing the beauty of nature. Whether this is your first time celebrating the Spring Equinox or not, do what feels good. On a lower vibe, Aries can be extremely selfish and domineering; but on the higher vibe, Aries is a boss that motivates others and themselves to do the damn thang! As I tell my kids, "Do Something!"😁😁😁 Much Love... StarMoon

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