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New Decks!!!!

It has been awhile since I have purchased tarot cards, why? I have no idea, between bills and kids, there always seems to be an excuse for me to ignore myself. I said, "screw it" and searched on Ebay. I have been wanting to replace my Rider-Waite since it was burned by a immature man consumed with his own needs, so I found "A. E. Waite Tarot". It was less than $10 and I love the darker color!

There are the size of regular playing cards, so they are easier to shuffle, a nice thickness and the images are nice. I have yet to use them, they have been cleansed and will do and record an interview.

Not long after that, my fiance told me she bought be a deck too!! I was so happy! I had been telling myself I need more and there it is! She got me, "The Prisma Visions Tarot" and it is BEAUTIFUL! They are a bit smaller than the deck I got but the imagery is so amazing! Right when I took it out of the package, the energy was awesome. It may be bc Nur got it for me and I love her so damn much!

This one has been cleansed as well and waiting to be I hope to do them tomorrow since I'm off from work.

At first i was hesitant to buy such a cheap deck bc there has been a uproar about how spiritual supplies are made. I came to the conclusion that, concerning cards, it doesn't really matter. The imagery from the artist carries the initial intent and the process in which it is made serves little importance. Now if they are being made by people not being treated fairly, ok but I'm assuming these are just mass printed like other spiritual things. Not everyone wants to or needs to spend $25+ on a deck to better themselves. Just another example how self improvement and the Arts are budget friendly. Hell, lots of people make their own, that why there are so many options today!

I'm gonna be one of those people with 200 decks one I love Tarot! It has come to be a personal "friend" to share and explore myself with. It connects me to my Higer Self, so I guess I really am my best friend! 😂

Until next time guys...

Much Love...


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