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Numbers 400 - 499 #StarCodes

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

400 - This is all about you and how you think, feel and act.

401 - Trusting in your team, they may not always be physical.

402 - Everyone has the same potential that few reach.

403 - Do not forget that you live in the third dimension.

404 - You are all there is, where is the issue?

405 - From the greatest inventor to the sickest of foes, they mattered.

406 - Duality has nothing to do with life, just innerstand it.

407 - If you want it, you can get careful

408 - Consistency is the only cure.

409 - Turn fear into something outside of you to conquer.

410 - There is a spark that needs to start a fire.

411 - Trust what you hear/feel.

412 - Working thru the hard times is part of the process, do not ignore what you hear.

413 - Make the necessary choice\next step.

414 - Did you find your "Twin"? In Self? YES!!!

415 - It has been you all along.

416 - Happiness is knowing.....

417 - Your Shadow is actually you......

418 - That Ego has been helping you, thank you for noticing!

419 - Innerstanding your heart is living.

420 - Use what you already have,

421 - Finish the task so the next level can be revealed.

422 - This is true alignment

423 - Again with the consistency, it is proven fact.

424 - If you have a problem with how things are.......

425 - Frustration can set in due to Laws of Time.

426 - Many situations are all mirrors of all things.

427 - Your Justice is not the Justice for others.

428 - Intention is just a thought, action has a purpose.

429 - You can tap in to any energy you want, be careful.

430 - This is the result of all your actions concerning this.

431 - We do not control you, your Will is gatekeeper.

432 - There needs to be innerstanding to understand others.

433 - If you underestimate, what do you think you are...

434 - Creation is always happening, so is Destruction.

435 - Change only happens with what...consistency.

436 - Do what you can to work with your environments.

437 - You and others can only influence, not control.

438 - When the true Self is known, all is known.

439 - Fear is extinguished through interaction.

440 - All self prophecies are unfilled in one way or another.

441 - Do not mock what you disbelieve as that feeds it.

442 - The trained eye speaks no lies.

443 - The truth is always tied to a lie, what you get is the truth.

444 - You really only have yourself to depend on, if you feel that way.

445 - Meeting the Devil is only a brief encounter; or should be.

446 - If you stay too long, you forget where you came from.

447 - Always remember the Self is first in command.

448 - Every person, place, thing and Spirit works together, in all Space, Time & Dimensions.

449 - What if fear is just two opposite things coming together?

450 - If everyone knew then everyone would......what? Be the same.

451 - Having access to something does not mean that it should always be there. If you do not feel you need a break; maybe they do.

452 - The actions of others are of their own doing. No one else is to blame.

453 - If you accept drama, then it is there. If you accept tolerance, then it is there.

454 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

455 - It feels like internal "Jazz hands" everywhere

456 - When a release is needed, the Chakra will squeeze.

457 - Cover your head during these times to prevent/protect from headaches.

458 - Learn to work with this type of energy to overcome it.

459 - The Boss is not necessarily the best but the one there longest.

460 - A "child" only needs one whole person to care for them, not two halves.

461 - If it happened to them, expect it to happen to you. Ignorance is not bliss.

462 - What you wanted is not what you needed. Time is not the Enemy.

463 - Manage everything you want in your life but do not expect it all at the same time.

464 - Balance only what matters now.

465 - Your emotions alone are manageable.

466 - Forgiving is easier to more you do it, everyone included.

467 - Set the pace so you can be a role model.

468 - There is something coming, yay!

469 - Same shit, different day huh?

470 - Your purposes always comes on time.

471 - There are more just like you, meditate.

472 - Make sure you are up on the technology.

473 - Virgo energy is needed here.

474 - Structure things right for YOU!

475 - If you give the right way, you always receive.

476 - Take a brick from a willing neighbor if need be.

477 - To say one did it alone is the deepest of denial.

478 - There is always someone who knew something first.

479 - Mold it in a way that helps the situation

480 - The signs are everywhere now.

491 - Fear is always the challenge to see and overcome.

492 - New experiences always open the doors.

493 - Collaborate The Trifecta

494 - You are at the door of Fate, knock.

495 - Nothing prepares you for this.

496 - They did it so you could.

497 - Opportunities come but you could miss the best; be aware

498 - Planned for the best; prepare for the worst.

499 - No one said anything about it but you can.

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