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Pick a Card | End of November

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well! I wanted to do a pick a card for the end of November. There is no set question, just to deliver a message for the highest well being. It will be one card only, please feel free to pick what calls to you. (1, 2, 3). Take a moment and take 3 deep breathes, focus on your question and intention. Messages come to us clearly when we are open to hear what we need, not what we want. Once you are confident in your choice.....scroll on down!😁









1. Ace of Swords/R

The Ace of Swords is a card about truth and perceptions; because it is reversed, says that either you or someone in your energy is not happy with the thought of something or holding on to something out of fear. Are you keeping something quiet as to not "rock the boat"? Spirit is letting you know that it is not serving you in any form. If you have been trusted with information that gives you an uneasy feeling, your Higher Self is pushing you to act on something. Whether it be to share this secret or enlighten you towards the character of who gave this secret. It can be hard to do the right thing when that can be different to everyone but what is your spirit telling you?

Do not allow fear to stop you from doing what is right for you. Do not allow others to burden you with their actions if it does not line up with your moral compass. Things are brought to light for a reason, just be aware of consequences with yourself and others. The word "enabling" and "guilt", "blackmail" are coming to mind.

2. 10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands can indicate that you or someone in your energy is either doing too much or expecting too much. Whether this is expecting much in return for what you have given or giving too much, you had to decide. The number 10 speaks about the end of a cycle and Wands about passion; what are you giving to passionately that is not being recieved? Have you clearly stated your mission/intent in terms that others can understand? Passion can be a good or bad thing depending on how it is relayed. Take the time to ensure that your message is not being drowned out with your emotions and be open to answer questions and taking criticism. Also keep in mind that it is always a great option to ask for help if things get overwhelming. There may be one goal but there are multiple ways to achieve it.

I am sensing a very protective energy from you, this is telling me that you may have too many things on your plate and although you want help, it is hard for you to let go of control. With the 10, it is time to let go. You can have others help you and still be in control of the process, again, openness is needed. This can deal with family, buisness or personal matters, you are only one person and will not be able to support this on your own. Ask help from children, friends and colleagues to lighten your load and allow yourself to shine again.

3. 7 of Wands/R

For me, this card is about getting out of your own way and in the past, that is all you did. After putting in the work to better yourself, you seem to be at an impasse. What more can you do to be a better success? Live in the moment! It is all about the journey, not the destination; you need to spend a little more time in this energy before things seem to "boom" again. We do not overcome things to never look back and appreciate where we have been. This does not mean to live in the past and bring about those energies again but to appreciate where you are now; you have come a long way. There was a point that you never thought this day would come! But look at you!!! So don't feel down if things feel a little stagnant right now, you are still growing but more "behind the scenes" at the moment. Take what you have learned from this previous time period of manifestation and prepare yourself for the next, just do not rush it.


I hope these resonated with you, please comment, like and share to help spread my messages. Thank you for spending the time, I love and appreciate you! Hope the rest of the month is good to you! Any questions/comments/suggestions? I'm here...

Much Love...


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