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Taking Chances....

Today's spirit is urging us to not turn away from things that do not fit our expectations. There are many opportunities out there for everyone but if we have preconceived notions about how things will turn out, we are rejecting blessings from the Universe. The only way to advance is to allow yourself to fail. Within all aspects of life, if you allow fear to stop you from trying things, you will never learn and you keep yourself from awesome experiences. How can you get to know yourself when you constantly push things away that you are uncomfortable with?

The Page represents childlike wonder and curiousity; Wands represent passions, actions and risks. The 9 of Cups/R represent a fear of what is to come and blocking things due to one's perception or feelings towards something.

If you have been resistant to change, in any area of your life, spirit is telling you to take a risk and be open to rewards. You will find something out about yourself and gain new experiences that can alter your life in various ways. So make a commitment to yourself and push through fears of the unknown. The grass is greener on the other side.

Much Love...


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