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Up the Ummph....

Great afternoon y'all! Hope things are well. School started back today for the kids, unlike yesterday, the bus actually came to get On the way back from taking my youngest to school, the theme for the cards today came to me...How can I(we) "up the ummph"? Two cards forcefully flew out of the deck, the Knight of Wands and The Heirophant. I placed them back and continued to shuffle. The offical 2 cards are The Heirophant/R and the Four of Pentacles/R; Knight of Wands/R as the overall.

Energy flows, so connecting this reading to previous ones, an interesting message comes through. In order to "up the ummph", do and give a little more. This is in the sense of spending more than usual, buying something more "high end" or going that bit further. Lately, I have been working on manifesting and this reading resonates.

I was raised in the mindset that there was no money, so becoming accustom to spending less than the average person, as I grew, came naturally to me. For years, I denied myself even the littlest of pleasures. Using the kids as an excuse because they came first; lying to myself saying "next time" and it never come. Thinking of money brought anxiety; when it came and left. This mindset took a lot of energy from me, caused issues that didnt need to be there. Now, I buy what I want. Not to say that there is no responsibility but once bills are paid and savings put away...I can splurge on me or my family if I want. Moderation and balance are key to everything. So with the Heirophant/R, all about the more unconventional side of things, the routine and limiting mindset we put ourselves in; step out of that! Money is energy, it needs to flow, thats the feel of Four of Pentacles/R. So spend the extra $10 or so on a better piece of whatever; yes, buy the higher tier program because it is what you need; if you can afford it, do it. Invest in yourself and your things!

When we like and appreciate our environment, we are happier. Sometimes you have to tighten the straps and budget but not every day. You deserve it! Bring the energy around you that lifts you up. People, things, places...they all carry energy and affect you. Control what you are seeing and experiencing on the daily basis, in your home and yourself.

The Knight of Wands/R being the overall card, I'm feeling that this is not about changing or doing more. Look around your environment and yourself, what can be upgraded? Nothing major that is going to break the bank but something to bring a smile to that face. That great-smelling smelling scented candle that you was too expensive; that new coffee maker because the other one was just old and tired; or finally make that trip to the hardware store to get that one little piece to make life a little bit simpler. Why deny yourself that? Others with less don't, that being said, hear the message...dont be irresponsible.

Please like and share my post to reach those who would appreciate it, thank you.

Much Love...


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