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*Weekend Energies*

Decided to stop making excuses about wanting a "nice" looking video. With everyone home, it's hard to find one square inch of quiet. When I'm in the mood to pull tarot, my go to is a "What to embrace, What to let go" spread. The message can be as deep or basic as you want. As an intuitive reader, I go with what I feel the card is telling me but coming from a background of learning traditional tarot and experience. If you feel I am talking to you, I am; if you feel it is about that area of your life, it is. Sometimes messages can be hard to hear, it engages our Ego and we want to dismiss what is being spoken or defend our stance. If it resonates, it resonates; all my readings are general in nature and Energy goes where your intent is. If it is not for you, it may be for someone around you; it could not resonate at all on any level. That's cool too.

Much Love and Asé...


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