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What's been good?

I can not believe I wrote my first post in February, time really does fly. Life can be so busy that we feel weay never find time just to BE. Being on a spiritual path, it can be hard to stay focused when you have to interact with the Matrix so much. Trying to get those 40 hours every week just to cycle money between you and all your bills. Being busy with work, relationships, kids, pets, yard work; it could honestly go on forever.

Time does not seem to be available to "me" time, but that is a common misconception most make. Get a piece of paper and a pen; what exactly do you all day? On most day out of the week? Write it out like you would in a planner, hour by hour. Adjust the starting time to your normal routine; put it on the first line and starting listing what you do. The description doesn't have to be long, just so you know what it represents. Once you feel that one hour of time (honestly now!) is accounted for, move on to the next hour. Do this until you get to your typical bedtime.

Now, if you were honest(really) with yourself, you will see 5 or 10 minutes here and there. That is your opportunity! That is where your "me" time is, time to nurture relationships and dreams. Yes! Taking that time everyday can help you ground yourself and bring clarity to your journey.

If you do anything on the Full Moon, release the self-limiting doubt that is a constant presence in our environment. Never forget to love yourself.

Until next time...

Much Love...


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