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WTF is going on!?!?!?

There is a lot of crazy energy going on this Aries season! I wanted to pull some cards because I want some clarity myself! LOL! Considering myself a very balanced person, even I am experiencing a lot of shifts. I pulled three cards, the situation, what to do and the outcome. And if you zoom in, that last card is Illumination.

I'm going to go over the cards and their clarifiers one by one, I want everybody to see the message that I see, there's a lot of comfort in this message.

We have the Page of Pentacles clarified by The World/R and the Seven of Wands. This is telling you the situation that you're in is an opportunity for you to begin something new. The end times are here, yes for this cycle, not for your life! The 7 of Wands here in this deck, depicts the multiple opportunities that you have in front of you. The post are jetting out from the water, closer inspection reveals that all of these post have flowers on them. So there is fruitfulness, opportunities and emotional happiness to come, you just need to jump.

And what exactly are we supposed to do during this time, Hermit Mode! All of the outside distractions in the world have been halted, you are being given this time to really dig deep. I am not talking about starting something new with the Ace of Pentacles it is reversed; you need to release expectations and what you think is true to your path.

What is the outcome of all this? Illumination! When all this is over, you are going to see the truth that is your life! Confusion about who has your back, who is against you and who really gives a fuck is going to be ungraciously aware. It is going to be your choice if you're going to fight the Universe or not but I'm letting you know you ain't gonna win. If there are things that you are holding onto for dear life, you stand a chance of ruining prosperity for yourself. Again... This is not about other people, places, or things! This is about you! What is your heart saying? What is that inner child screaming for?

At the bottom of the deck, we have the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Pentacles both in reverse. Use this time that has been given to you ... the Universe is literally giving you time, to reassess your life and to really understand what it is to be on this journey. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac....number 1; if you are not putting yourself first, you are missing the point of everything. Sad but true.

Stay grounded, stay hydrated and BE! Allow the Universe to provide you with the answers you seek. GO WITHIN!

Much Love....


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