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You did it, now be it....

I usually like to pull a card for "what to embrace" and "what to let go of" but with the Empress being overall, I am led to read it in story form. This is going to resonate with somebody who has been through alot, somebody who has been dragged through the trenches, fought many battles and one war. As the Emperor, you could literally be somebody who has been in the military or been through life events that make you feel like you have. Having strong feelings of shock, PTSD, numbness, depression; that is possibly for only a few people.

As we move on with the Page of Chalices or Cups, this is you being open to follow your heart. The concerns of your heart are only known by you, so this could be a relationship, a job or business, or bringing balance within your higher and lower self. If you notice the sky seems to be growing darker. The red is being taken over, it is no longer the time to grind and move as hard as you have been in the past. Look where the water from the Chalice is going towards... The Empress!

The empress is the ultimate embodiment of receptive energy. Feminine energy takes in and transmutes. You are being represented by the empress because now is the time for you to receive your blessings, or whatever it is you have been working towards. The Emperor is the number four, The Empress the number three; going back in numbers speaks about falling back. You could possibly feel that you keep trying to take several steps forward but end up falling back more, that's because you need to! You have created a space for you to receive now. So whatever this Empress energy is about you need to be that. There is no more room for doubt, you don't even want to doubt yourself anymore ... You're kind of over it.

This card can also speak about accepting and receiving the feelings of success that come with what you have completed. You have done and been through a lot, have you taken a look in the mirror and appreciated that fact? The Empress is an energy that knows how.

Much Love...


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