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Fiery Protection Oil

Fiery Protection Oil

YOu will recieve 1 (.5 fluid oz) dropper bottle of oil.


This can be used like the Abre oil to dress candles, items, people, etc. My intention when making this was to provide practical protection against people, places or things that may drain your energy. This does not only deal with "haters", this is self protection from every person, place or in general. It is important to keep a control on the flow of your energy. Applying my oil with add a "filter"; the energies that are pulling on you unknowingly will be revealed. You may feel energy in your Heart Chakra, right side of Crown Chakra and possibly the Root Chakra for some. If you feel energy in your Solar after applying the oil, that is a sign from your Higher Self that you are not keeping up with yourself (i.e. self love, relaxing, work/home balance).


*Do not hesitate reaching out to me with any questions or concerns. All of my oils are made with food grade materials but are not for consumption.

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