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12.3.2020 Card Pull #COTD

Last night my phone decided to go for a That is gonna make things a bit more fun for me. Today I wanted to pull some #COTD.

We have: The Tower, The Empress and 2 of Swords; 5 of Pents on the bottom of the deck.

Today's message is about self empowerment. The 5 of Pents speaks about 2 arms, 2 legs and a head, all you need to manifest. So this deals with one side of something. The Tower card in the "Situation" position shows that there are some big energies around today. This could involve foundations of your life or a specific situation. The Empress in the "Action" position tells that the action to take is one of passion and creativity. 2 of Swords in the "Outcome" relays that answers will come or have come from your Higher Self. Whatever the situation is that change needs to be brought in, Spirit is there to help aid you on the journey.

I can be hard to fathom but we really do create Tower moments in our own life. Our Higher Self knows what it is that we want; sometimes we cannot see the point of what is happening but it happens. After the fact, it is important to understand why things went down and see the lesson; that way you are more prepared when that cycle comes back around. We do not have to go through the same cycle but notice the red flags to avoid the same temptation. If you feel you have learned the lesson, the same negative low vibe actions will be put in check; before, during or after the undesired effect.. It is not about seeing what you did, it is about correcting it.

Much Love and Asé


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