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Venus in Scorpio

Today is such a loaded day for Venus to roll into Scorpio. Death, destruction, other people's baggage: today is "THAT" day. Many lives have been affected on this day, at least in U.S.A. My ass don't like to speak on it, that being said.

The feminine energy of Venus is a blend of Taurus and Libra energy; Scorpio brings in Neptune and Pluto for me, traditionally it is Mars and Pluto.

With an fem energy; there is a black side, white side and many shades of gray. Scorpio would spend more time with the darker side and fade out once it got too bright. Together, these energies are beautiful in the way Scorpio's depth supports the Venus energy of receiving during the darkest of times.

As a Venus in Pisces, this energy always draws me into pride and surrender. The feeling of living through something that other did not or could not, is the prideful moment, where as surrendering that more loss will happen and it is inevitable. Both generally and spiritually.

As the seasons cycle, this energy encourages you to do the same. In true Taurus and Libra fashion, be you inside and out; do not ever be afraid to stand out. Venus loves attention for results of its actions. Scorpio will be with you through all lives, experiences, high and low. With you in the Shadows and watching you in the Light.

Value the depths that you go through for others and what they go through for you. It is a cycle we all will continue. If I ever feel it is too hard to keep going but I do; imagine what the people of the past collectively felt and pushed through.

Much Love and Asé


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