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My Absence....

Hey guys, hope you are well. I am doing ok. This past week has had some challenges with my family but we are getting closer to the better side of things.

We did end up getting some chickens and are super excited to start getting some eggs! Blessed to live in an area that has lots of possibilities for family and business a like.

Due to the downs, my family and I are having, I have delayed making candles for the moment. I always wanna make sure my energy is right when I create.

How is #Virgo season treating you? This Earth sign makes you ponder your health, wealth and stealth. Be blessed and grateful for every step, there are many. Past experiences turn into information and power to move forward in life. Divine Femina energy is here to provide and protect but you have to continue the work.

As Virgo season continues, the pressure to adapt and adjust will get stronger. Try not to break under the pressure but train yourself to remain stable under all circumstances. What is that famous mom quote, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out! " Mostly an empty threat but a warning none the less. Priotize and organize life and strength the bond you have with yourself and your enviroment.

Sending Much Love and Asé

We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for.


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