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Happy Full Moon!!!!!!

Hey y'all!!! Hope you have been well! I have been a busy bee with getting a job and school starting. This summer has been great over all and this Full Moon in Aquarius is feeling lit!

I pulled some cards for you to expand on the energies specific for today. Here's is what I got....

We have the Ace of Pentacles, the 8 of Swords reversed and the Magician for the overall. These energies are speaking about wanting to move forward with that inner spark and not allowing other energies to dictate how you move!

If you have been allowing other's feelings to sway you, this means that you could be in a place of throwing your hands in the air.

Not matter what side you are on, now is the time to keep getting what is best for you as you are the one who brings motion into your life. Other people and what they do should not get in the way of who you are and how you move. If so, spend more time on you.

Much Love and Ase


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