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#COTD 7/29/2019

#COTD - Queen of Swords/Four of Cups Reversed Today I asked the ancestors for one card but two popped out, the Queen of Swords and the Four of Cups Reversed. This combination is telling me that there are some individuals who have had to make some very just decisions and need to be comfortable within themselves. It may have been hard to bring that sword down but it had to be done, boundaries are always necessary. You did what you needed to and no longer need to waste any regret or guilt considering the situation. Personal boundaries can be a very thin line that others do not see and must be made clear. This is respect for oneself and others. Be you unapologetically, that is the only way to attract your tribe and live your highest vibe. If this message resonated with you, please like and share this post and my page. We are never truly alone, although we feel it deeply. Visit my YouTube for general readings and other insights. Hope y'all enjoy this Blessed day! Email me for readings/questions/advice at: Social media:

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