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#COTD - 8/10/2019

*9 of Wands*

Looking back at the week, we have had great Energy! We have been motivated, thinking positive and generally being well. When we are met with 9 of Wands, this is considered the period before the runner's high. Not quite at a 10 with completion but almost there. It has taking a lot to come this far, through all the blood, sweat and tears; one could easily be a little defensive about the future. This is the crucial time when having faith is important. You have shown yourself that you can do the work to get where you need to be. Now you need to show yourself and the Universe that you can maintain that Energy. Don't give up when you're right at the end, that last burst of energy is about to come through. Do you want it? How bad?

The fact that you manifested this creation does not assume that you deserve the end prize. Consistency is key and if you do not have it; you will be forever waiting at the finish line. Do not let anyone's perception of you make you feel undervalued. There's value in all things and in all perspectives. In order to receive from the Universe what we desire, one has to give. Sometimes, we have to give not knowing what's going to happen. Remaining open allows Universal energy to flow through us; bringing people, places and things to aid us in raising our vibration.

I hope this post resonates with you please like comment and share. Is this the Energy you're in right now? How are you working with it? Let me know.

Much Love,


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